Social Bookmark: How It Works and Benefits to You

Social Bookmark tool is mainly used in almost all the popular web browsers available now including Reddit, Diigo, Pinboard and, VK. They use it to promote their services based on the social media users’ need. But, what is the social bookmark and how does it work to fulfill people’s needs of speed and great features of social networking?

How Social Bookmark Works

Social bookmark is a centralized online service that enables people to do many interesting things in their social media. Do you ever feel that you like a certain webpage and want to sign it with notes just like real pages on real books but you have no idea of how to do it? This is how the social bookmark will work for you. This tool enables you to tag any web pages and add notes on them. The web page tagging makes it possible for you to access the web pages easily once you need it again. It is because the social bookmark allows you to save the pages in web instead of the web browsers. The most interesting part of is that you can send email contains the links of the webpages to your family and friends. By using the social bookmark you can share web documents in more interesting ways. Moreover, it is easy to access anytime you need no matter where you are since it is conducted online. All you need is just internet connection and your own social bookmarking account to access it from various devices.

The Benefits of Using Social Bookmark

Despite the interesting way you can do for tagging webpages and sharing documents using this tool, there are some other benefits you can get from it. Some popular websites like Reddit, Diigo, Pinboard, and Vk also use this tool to provide their users great features of social networking. This is how this tool is used in those websites.

1. Diigo

Social bookmarking in Diigo makes it possible for you to highlight certain webpages and attach sticky notes on them.

2. Reddit

While Reddit uses this tool to mostly focus on things that relate to news item such as sport, politic, technology, health, education, and many more.

3. Pinboard

By using Pinboard, it will allow you to bookmark any webpages from browsers. Moreover, it goes steps further by offering archive feature that enables Pinboard users to save a copy of any bookmarked webpages.

4. VK

This Russian online website media and networking service focuses on social bookmarking on business and celebrities news. It is completed with great features that allow you send private messages, share photos, like buttons, update status, synchronization with the other social network and much more.

Those are some examples how social bookmarking is used in some popular web browsers in the world. But still there are some other benefits you can get from it. This bookmark tool is very practical to use. You can easily find what you need by typing it into the search field. The best part is that you can easily decide which article you will choose to read by seeing how many votes the article get.

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