The Latest Facebook Features that You Should Try and Anticipate

There are so many new social media out there but the latest Facebook features will keep the people loyal to this Zuckerberg’s creation. Facebook has been constantly introducing new features to give the best social media experience to its users.

Some of the new updates are very subtle that they go unnoticed. Despite of the scale, the new features are totally great and you are really missing out if you don’t take advantage of them. Here are some of the newest Facebook features that will make connecting with your friends more exciting.


There was no announcement about the arrival of “Hello” feature. It is just suddenly appear in a form of waving button when you click your friend’s profile.

When you click the button, you are basically saying hello to your friend and your friend will have an option to reply to your hello. It is a nice feature that can help you start conversation with your friend or make sure that you and your friend can always stay in touch even when you have nothing to say. Hello’s function is pretty much the same with Poke, but it is not the replacement as Poke feature is still available.

Profile Video

This one has yet to be launched but it definitely will be one of the best latest Facebook features once it is available. In the Facebook world, profile picture is your identity. Unfortunately, sometimes a simple picture cannot give the right description for who you actually are.

Facebook understands this and this is why this social media platform is currently testing profile video in some areas for iPhone users. This feature will allow users to upload a short video to their profile as an alternative to the boring still pictures. If everything goes well, we definitely can enjoy this feature in the near future.

Profile Picture Protection

Facebook is nice and all but we certainly realize that social media is not the safest place to keep your privacy secure. One of the most annoying things that can happen in Facebook is when someone steal and abuse your profile picture.

To avoid this problem, profile picture protection is launched as one of the latest Facebook features in India. This feature will prevent other people from downloading another person’s profile picture as well as tagging other Facebook users in someone’s profile picture. Now, this feature is only available in India but if it is proven effective, it is possible that this protection system can be used globally.


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